A selection of videos of Dr. David Horner speaking.


Deep Hope in Difficult Times

Palm Sunday sermon in a streamed worship service at The Vine Church in Fullerton, CA. April 5, 2020.

Still Relevant? The Authority of the Bible for Life and Thought

Calvary Bible Church, Boulder. September 1, 2013.

Feelin’ Groovy? God and the Pursuit of Happiness

Biola University Chapel

The Importance of Ideas:

Convocation, Torrey Honors Institute

Roundtable on C.S. Lewis and Inklings:

CCCA Cultural Conversations

A Faith That Refuses (Hebrews 11)

First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton

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Human Flourishing and Christian Ethics (Series)

In this series of videos from the Forum of Christian Leaders, Dr. Horner expounds on the topic of Human Flourishing and Christian Ethics. 

Human Flourishing and Christian Ethics:

What are the objections to Christians focusing on the pursuit of happiness?

How is human flourishing a central part of the Christian message?

What is the classical Christian understanding of happiness?

How is the pursuit of happiness related to Christian apologetics?

How has the western understanding of happiness shifted over time?

What is the ethic of happiness?

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Mind Your Faith: The Role of Apologetics in Discipling the Next Generation:

Too Good Not to Be True: The Shape of Moral Apologetics:

Q&A on the Shape of Moral Apologetics:

Why is it important to respond to moral objections to the Gospel?

What is the importance of honesty in responding to moral objections?

Why do some traditional moral arguments for belief in God fall short?

Why does the goodness of God matter for moral apologetics?

How is apologetics both an art and a science?

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